Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From Sun to Snow...

Tom and I, and David and Kelly planned a trip to Wisconsin Dells to stay at a waterpark and then ski for 2 days at Devils Head with the family.  What cruel and unusal punishment did we put ourselves in.  As I was skiing and bundeling up, all I could think about was the nice sandy beaches of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.  Oh how this old gal, would much prefer to sit on the beach then to sit on a chair lift!

Don't get me wrong, I used to live in Aspen, so I loved, liked skiing, and I have taught all of my kids and David and Kellys kids how to ski.  It is amazing now to see all of them and their abilities love it and ski for hours, and hours, and hours at a time.  They never seem to tire out!

On Saturday, we woke up and drove to the Dells and checked into the water park. We stayed at Mt. Olympus and we rented a 2 bedroom suite. It was a really nice room, and wonderful to have the extra space, and an extra bathroom and rooms with doors so that Ava Grace could sleep and we didn't bother her. Ava Grace loved, loved, loved the water park. There was so much for her to do and explore. At one point she was walking around the place with Tom and I just following her, and we laughed at ourselves because she was in charge at that point. Her favorite by far was the huge water tube slide. You had to walk up A LOT of stairs while carrying a tube, who needs a stair master after climbing that! It was super fast and Ava loved it so much. She would cover her eyes when we went under the waterfall and then squeal with delight when we splashed down in the water.

Just before going down the tube slide

Tom and Ava on the tube slide

after the big splash of the tube slide

David and Sara going up to the tube slide

(isn't he fasionable)

Sunday we woke up early again and went skiing.  Let me just say that the worst part about skiing is the ski rental and then getting everyone ready.  You would think that with the ages of the boys they could do it by themselves, but nooo there tends to be that Mom could you help with this...Mom could you help with that...Mom where are my gloves....Mom wheres my jacket....Mom help with this...Mom help with that...blahhh that part I could do without!  For the most part, once they have all their stuff and skiis on they are good to go.  In fact, It is hard to even get them to come in for lunch or dinner!

Ava with her skiis, are they not the cutest things?

all dressed and ready to go!

the magic carpet on the bunny hill

Monday we woke up and did it all over again, except we had to drive home....that was not fun!

Andrew getting some nice air on a jump
Trevor on the same jump with some nice air
I have to say it was a great weekend and there were no broken bones!  Ava loved swimming and skiing!


carolinagirl said...

GREAT PHOTOS of your weekend trip! Miss A is absolutely beautiful!

Kelly said...

Good memories!!! The kids sure LOVED it! They certainly got their monies worth. Hopefully next year Sara can enjoy it more.

Tracey and Chuck said...

Wow....looks like a super fun weekend! Was this the 1st time for Ava skiing??? We so want to take Matt but are going to wait until next winter till he is 3+. Would love to hear how she did and if you put her in ski school or tried to teach her on your own. She looks absolutely adorable (as usual) in all of the pictures!!!

Team Bedzyk said...

Ava looks so cute in her bathing suit. Kate Mack? Adorable.

Jeanette said...

I totally get what you mean about the ski rental nonsense! That is the main reason I never want to go. Someone is always needing help with a boot or a lost glove and I'm sweating from being all bundled up and "working' at the ski rental shop :)

Looks like you had a blast though! Ava looks so adorable on her skis. It will a couple years before we put Grace on them. Simply because I'm too lazy to go through all of that with a toddler :)

Barb said...

They are great photos . . . looked like a good time . . . but I am totally a sun and warm kinda girl, too:)