Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Big Boys

While Tom has been gone with the "little boys", the big boys have been very busy.

Have I ever told you that Tyler is involved in like everything?  He dosen't "do" sports, but he is president or runs just about every other thing at our small school.  One project he is very proud of is that he is President of the Ecology Club.  He takes this very seriously and he is committed to making us use our resourses and not waste what God has given us.  Tyler implemented a "5 cent for the future" at our local grocery store.  For every reuseable bag you used, instead of using the cheap plastic or paper bags from the store, the store will donate .05 cents to the school, who will use that money for scholoarships.  He was so excited about this program, and he made sure that I always used my reuseable bags.  They got their first check and they raised over $500.00.  This is awesome for our "small" community.  Thank you Tyler for thinking of others and our planet!

this picture was in our local newspaper


Austin started to play LaCrosse at school.  Now I know this isn't a new sport, it has been around since the 1980s at least.  But, here in the midwest we just don't get around to playing these new sports!  Well Austin is loving, did I say loving, I mean LOVING IT!  It is a really rough game, and I haven't quite figured out all the rules yet, but it is a lot of running, hitting, ball tossing, ball catching, more hitting, more whacking of the stick and try and score game.  Now in Illinois it is still not a sanctioned IHSA sport yet, so the school dosen't "officially" recognize it, so the boys can not get a "letter" in it.  But who cares, Tom and I are loving watching Austin get involved in the school and he gets to hit someone other than his brothers and people cheer for it?!  Go figure?!

Austin plays midfield, so he had to come back and cover defense
he is raising his stick so the ref knows that there are
3 people on defense (its a rule)

Austin has just "nailed" the guy in black
he had the ball, opperative word, had! 

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Jen said...

Very cool! You're one good momma to have all of these wonderful boys! Love all of the pictures.

Are you closer to Chi-town than St. Louis?