Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eiffel Tower

Austin had a project at school to complete in a 6 week time.  This is for International Night and it is thru the foreign language department at the school.  This was our first one as they only have it every other year.  I have to say, I was really impressed with the projects that the boys did.  The boys were able to build, construct, design, or create a project from the area they are studying.  They could also make a dish or desert from their country.  There were also boys who had played instruments from their country.   Austin is taking French, so he chose to do the Eiffel Tower.  He wanted to construct it out of metal, and he knew how high he wanted it.  Austin and I went to the hobby store to see what we could find, and we didn't really have any luck there.  So on our way home, we stopped at Home Depot, and wa-la, right in the aisle of carpet and tile were these long metal pieces and he had a great idea to use them.  He also used some gutter screening and some other metal material that he picked out.

He did a lot of the work himself, with a little of Toms guidance and he was really proud of his work.

The foreign language teachers judged all the items and Austin won 2nd Place.

I am proud of him, because this momma has no clue on how to create or do crafty things.

Congratulations Austin on a Great Job!


tammy said...

very cool and creative eiffel tower! congrats on the 2nd place!

Heather and Chad said...

Very cool!!!

Barb said...

Wow! That is some great work!

Emily said...

awesome! looks really good!