Friday, January 7, 2011

When a Son can beat his Dad

During the Christmas break, we really didn't go anywhere.  To keep the kids entertained and off of the Playstation, Tom decided to challenge the boys in Ping Pong, Air Hockey and Pool.  We have all 3 in our basement so the contest was on!  Tom can easily take down Tyler, Austin and Andrew, but....when it comes to Trevor there is a different story.  Tom prides himself as being "good" at all 3 of the games, well if Tom is "good" then what is Trevor when he can beat his Dad in 2 out of the 3 games.  The only one that Trevor is still a little behind in is pool.  Trevor can outplay his Dad in Ping Pong and Air Hockey.  Oh how the tides have changed in our house now.

Austin relaxing after a "loss" with Samson
Ava decided she wanted the bean bag chair
Ava loves to use just about anything as a phone.
enough of all the yelling from downstairs she says. 

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