Monday, January 17, 2011

slow week

To tell you the truth, it is kinda nice to be able to relax and not do a whole lot.   My calendar is color coded for each child and then Tom and I are in black.  It gets crazy with all the sports and activities that the kids are in.  Tyler is pretty much on his own now that he has his own car and drives himself everywhere.  There are many times tho that we need him to drive one of his brothers somewhere because we phyically can't be in 3 places at one time.  It always seems to work out somehow.  Have you ever felt like the takes a village to raise a child is true?  There are many times I think this.  I think of the ladies who watch over the kids as they walk/ride bikes to school.  Making sure that they are using the stop light, waiting for the crossing signal.  Stoping at stop signs to not get hit by cars.  Helping to carpool when your available, because you know for sure you won't be able to do it someother time.  I find it refreshing to have these wonderful people in my life.

I just sat today for a while and reflected on what God has given me.  I don't want to become lazy, or selfish.  I don't want my kids to think of only themselves first.  What can I do to make my children have a giving heart.  A Man of God, this is what I pray for my sons.  I want them to be strong Godly men who give of themselves and see good in others and help along the way.

For Ava, I pray that she has insight.  Insight to see what others can't, to see the good in others even when they can't see it in themselves.  She is such a light, I pray that she continues to be and that she can be the light to others around her.

My thoughts are all over the place tonight, but really wanted everyone to know that we are good here.  Nothing has changed much.

Trevors Basketball Team
Trevors 3vs3 team 

I only have these because someone else took them.  I have been really bad bringing my camera to other sporting events.  Poor Andrew, I haven't been able to get him at soccer or basketball.

Austin is starting LaCrosse, so hopefully I will be able to get a picture of him in his uniform.

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Future Mama said...

This is sweet. It never ceases to amaze me how busy things can get. Often I don't realize how busy it has been until I get the chance to sit down for a bit...and then, did all that just happen?! Glad you are getting a moment to catch your breath!

Much love,
Future Mama