Monday, January 24, 2011

Whats up?

Last week Tom had a birthday, he is now closer to 50 than 40, so he is feeling old.  He dosen't really like celebrating his birthday, but we did have his mom over and she made one of his favorite cakes (Pineapple upside down), which the boys don't like, so he gets to eat it all by himself.  Ava did like it and helped him eat his piece.  She also blew out his candels.

Our dog Cooper, loves to be in the middle of everything.  He sleeps in some pretty bad spots.  I was working in the kitchen the other day and practically broke my arm when I tripped over him.  He didn't even move out of the way just laid there hoping I wouldn't yell at him.

Andrew is working on his Science Fair project.  He is doing an experiment to see how friction affects speed.  He got his racetrack set up and Ava wanted to help him.  It was really cute to see her so interested in what Andrew is doing.

Ava and Cooper are becoming best buds.  Cooper knows that Ava will feed him when in her high chair and she will keep Cooper company when everyone else is busy.  This is Avas favorite seat in the house...

The other day, we were all supposed to be cleaning the house, well we couldn't find Trevor (typical), well I went to put something away in Avas room, and I found Trevor reading a book to Ava.  It was sooo cute.  Now don't get me wrong, the boys love to read to Ava and she will read to them also, but this was just so cute how the 2 of them were.

On Sunday, our church told our youth to dress up for the Bears game.  Well Ava has a cute cheerleading outfit, so I had her wear hers to church.  After church Ava decided to show us a few of her cheerleading moves she has been working on.  Here she is showing us "table", she showed us flamingo, and she does a really great somersault.  I only got her table as a picture I took a video of the others.

too bad the Bears lost, she would of looked cute at the Superbowl party in her outfit.

Now that Ava has been home with us for 8 months there are some things I am wondering about....

Will Ava be left handed or right handed?  With the boys, I just naturally gave everything to them in the right hand and now they are all right handed.  With Ava, she definately does things with both hands, soooo should I let her decided which hand to use, or do I try and lean her to one hand or the other?  I guess I really don't have a preference here, just wondering.

finally, we played with Play dough.  She did great with not eating it, but she wasn't to sure what to do with it all.  She liked putting it in the container and taking it out and puting the lid on the best.  I guess that is why we call her our type A personality child.  She loves to clean and be clean.  So like Tom, totally not like me!


Jeanette said...

What kind of playdough is that? It looks like a fancy brand!!!

My younger son was clearly left handed. My older son used both hands until kindergarten and now is quite functional with both. He writes with his left, throws with his right, eats with either. Grace uses both hands for eating right now. I just give her the spoon or fork in the middle and see which hand she uses.

I know what you mean about the relationship with your boys and Ava. It is so precious and makes my heart so happy!!!

Cooper looks just like my old family dog, Crackerjack!!!

Jen said...

She is just so adorable. That's too cute to stumble on your son reading to her.

My two cents (as a lefty) - I'd let her just figure it out. Tyler is right handed except to play baseball (then he's a lefty). Liam looks to be going the same way and I have no idea yet with Natash.

Future Mama said...

Our dog is the exact same way! Plops down and doesn't move for the world...

Much love,
Future Mama