Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Cut or Not To Cut, that is the question

OK, well never having a girl before, I am a little confused as to Ava Graces hair.  It is VERY fine, did I say VERY, it is!  She has this long strand that is growing in the back but it is not very nice.  So do I cut that off, and make it even, or keep it and wait for the hair underneath to grow?

And as you can also see, she has no hair in the front either.  Poor Girl! At least she looks really cute in her hats!


Future Mama said...

Maybe just a trim? Her hair looks so soft!!

Much love,
Future Mama

Jeanette said...

I almost posted a picture of Grace from behind one day since she is sporting a "tail" too! I keep telling the girl that it isn't a good look and as hard as she is trying, it will NEVER make a come back :) With all of Grace's hair in the front, there is one spot in the back that is growing too fast. I have even cut an inch off already and it is a good 2 inches longer that the rest of the hair now.

I vote give it a trim so she doesn't develop a tail or worse yet, a mullet!!!

She so pretty though, tail and all!

Jen said...

I vote to give it a trim. I'm having the same dilemma with Natalia's bangs. They're fine as long as they're swept to the side but she won't keep a bow or anything in her, I'm probably going to have to trim them, but I don't want to!

Anonymous said...

I gotta be different..hehe I say leave it! She's a girl...the more hair she has to work with the better. You can always cut later when she has enough to cut; or when you start to see a style, that will work for her. It looks as though it might be kinda curly on the ends...sighhh;)

Shelly and Steve said...

Well, I opted for a trim too with Anna....I'm hoping it will help her hair grow a bit, but Ava's younger. I just might leave it for a lil bit longer :o) Doesn't really matter, shes just the cutest thing I've ever seen regardless!