Monday, November 8, 2010

Just wondering if every child from Russia.....

lines up shoes, cleans up after everyone, and loves to swiffer?

Ava totally does!


Jeanette said...

Grace loves to wear people's shoes and leave them anywhere but in a line. She never cleans up, but dumps EVERYTHING. And she loves to chew on the swiffer handle :)

I really should tape swiffer cloths to Graces stomach since she is always sliding around on the floor :)

To answer your question.... the gym has not seen me in over a week since Grace has been sick. I'm so not motivated and she isn't as fond of it there anymore. So it is difficult to get my butt in gear.

I saw your comment on the lack of good eye contact. Grace does the same thing. Sometimes she will look right at you for a length of time and really look into your eyes. Other times, she glances at you and turns away quickly. She will not make eye contact with other adults at all. Starting to upset the family I think.

Wendi and Terry said...

Enjoy your clean house!! Much like Grace, Marina loves shoes but doesn't come close to lining them up or putting them where they came from. They are left all over the house.

Hurricane Marina barrels through our house once a day, leaving a trail of toy/book/shoe destruction. We're working on picking up after ourselves but have a long way to go!!