Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who Knew?

Who would have guessed that Tyler was an Actor?  Now Tyler has been working in the Fall Play and Spring Musical ever since he was a Freshmen, but he was always behind the scenes.  We would go to see the play or musical and never see him, but knew that he spent many countless hours working on it.  Well tonight, we got to see him in action.  Tyler was/is the Student Director, school today, the main lead got sick, I mean really sick.  The stomach flu, vomiting, the whole nine yards, sooooooo Tyler to the rescue.  He got up in front and he did AWESOME!  I tell you, this kid amazes me everyday.  Now if you ask me, the play was shall we say, not to my liking..., but the kids all loved it.  They were laughing hysterical and I was laughing just because it was so, silly.  Well Tyler you did great!  God has truly blessed you with many, many talents.  I am glad I am around to witness them.  Love ya!

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