Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well lets see, after the very late in the day phone call and email from our agency on Monday I have been busy getting things together.

Because of the late notice, I had to pay an extra $300 to get our visa application expedited, not to mention the cost of next day air, to Washington D.C. and back.  We are supposed to get our visa either Saturday or Monday.

We will leave on Monday Feb 1, we will fly Lufthansa from Chicago to Frankfort then 1 1/2 hour layover and on to St. Petersburg.  We will arrive on Tuesday around 1:15.  On Wednesday, We will go to the Ministry of Education for an official invitation and then we will get to see our daughter.  We will be able to see her again on Thursday, and then we will sign papers for our intent to adopt her.  On Friday, we will have a wonderful 9 doctor medical examination done.  Yipee for us.  They want to make sure that we are healthy enough to care for a child.  Umm, I think so, we have 4 already that don't seem to mind us.  Anyway, we will have a free day on Saturday and then return home on Sunday.  Wow a lot to do in a short amount of time.  We haven't confirmed where we are staying yet, still working on that one.  We will come home after the first trip and wait approximately 6 weeks before we can go back for a court date.  The weather in St. Pete is very, very, very, did I say very cold.  It is definately fur coat weather.  I'm wearing mine, now I need to find a cute hat to wear with it.  We were told that in Russia, most women dress in dark clothing.  I have packed 2 pairs of black pants, my cashmere sweaters, black and gray, and lots of turtlenecks and shirts to wear under.  I will pack one skirt in case we have a dinner at a nice restaurant or go to maybe the ballet.  Ha, could you see Tom at a ballet?  I don't think so, but a girl can dream can't she?  Well I'm back to the races, much to do when you still have 4 at home.

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Wendi and Terry said...

So happy for you all! Make sure you bring some short-sleeved shirt, too. While is very cold in Russia right now we found everywhere we stayed to be very, very warm - and we were hot! Can't wait to follow your journey!