Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here is Andrew and Cooper out Pheasant Hunting

While they were Pheasant Hunting,
Samson had a photo shoot

Over the Christmas Vacation,
Andrew had an Indoor Soccer Tourny
Here he is playing goal,
Not a good day

Trevor also had A LOT of soccer
he played in several 3vs3 tournys,
the team won 2 of them.
This is his Indoor game against a U14 team,
Trevor is only 12 so some of these boys were
quite large (man sized) and here Trevor is
getting a gentle nudge away from the ball

but, he came right back on a kid his own size to...

get this header.
Also, we won the game 1-0 and Trevor scored the only
goal.  Whoo hoo

We are patiently waiting for a call as to when we will be traveling.  For Russia, their Christmas is this week and then they have their New Year on Jan 13.  The whole government basically closes down.  We probably won't hear anything until the week of Jan 18 for our travel dates.

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