Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can't Decide on Room Decor

I have been doing a lot of searching on the web about what our daughters room should look like.  While Tom was away with Trevor last weekend I spent a lot of time on the internet going in all different places to see what I want for her room.  Since she will be my only girl, I kind of want to make a really girly girl room.  I have been leaning towards the "Shabby Chic" look, but the rest of my house does not match.  The rest of my house is very boy, except for my dining room which is very elegant.  So I ask, does it matter that I have a pink girls room, amongst all the other boy things?  We will have to move Tyler, Trevor and Andrew, they have all graciously agreed to rearrange for their sister.  That is really weird to say "sister".  Tyler will have to move out of his big room with the attached bathroom, to go into Andrews room.  Andrew and Trevor will now be sharing a room (Tylers) because it is large and 2 beds will fit nicely in there.  Andrew and Trevor have decided to do a football theme room.  We have chosen the bedding from Pottery Barn for them, and Tyler will keep his White Sox Theme since most of the items are new anyways.

For our daughters room, she will have Trevors old room which was the nursery many years ago.  We will paint and put in new carpeting thru out all the bedrooms.  We have even decided to paint ours as well.  We still have the crib we used for the boys.  It is oak, but goes nicely with the room.  Also, we won't need to buy any extra furniture because we will combine the boys and it should all fit, if I don't buy to many clothes that is.  If I had my choice I would of put in all white furniture but we are trying to be as economical as can be in these days.

Here are the 2 choices I think I have narrowed it down to.  Oh believe me there was plenty more, but cost had a lot to do with it.  These 2 beauties are still within the budget.

Shabby Chic Chenille

Amelia, by Glenna Jean

So what do you think?
Is it too pink?
Let me know.


Anonymous said...

It can NEVER be too pink. I think they are precious!

Chris and Celeste said...

Beautiful! I love both of them, the second one is my favorite because it will probably last longer, not as flowery when she is a bit older she might not be crazy about flowery. But they are both beautiful

Shelly and Steve said...

I'm all about PINK too!! Love the Shabby Chic......Enjoy and have fun decorating, I know I am :o)