Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Time is here

Heres my wittle buddy playing a mean game of soccer
They won 5-3
Andrew did great!
Look at that technique
for his throw in! Heres my # 2 graduating from 8th Grade
Man my guys are good looking
Off to Marmion for Austin
Here is Trevor in front of his cabin

Surgery on my mouth went well. I am a little swollen on the left side but doing pretty good. I am on a liquid diet, maybe this will help me loose weight? I doubt it, I already had my 2nd bowl of ice cream with chocolate on top. Umm Umm good. Today I took Trevor to camp, he was so happy he got to go in the same cabin Hickory Hill. He was very excited to be there and couldn't wait for the fun to start. I will miss my sporto buddy.

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