Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fingerprints Done

Today I (Sally) went and had my fingerprints taken again. I did them earlier for DCFS, but apparently if you want your fingerprints for State of Illinois and the FBI you have to go and pay more money. It seems all very silly since my fingerprints didn't change and everything is done electronically now. I don't get it! Tom was way to busy with work to go today so he is going to have to go next week the place is only open on Thursday. Good news is that Tyler does not have to go this time.

Last night, I droped off more paperwork at the FedEx (sorry Pam/Jim). They only use FedEx so I had to open an account and send off my pound of paperwork to them. Then I have completed the rest of the home study paperwork and send it off to Julie our social worker. You wouldn't believe how much paperwork there is for adoption. Every government is different but I think I have knocked down a couple of trees worth.

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