Saturday, June 20, 2009

1 week down

Here is Andrew at Camp, we were picking up
Trevor and listening to the awesome music.
Trevor had to make a trip to the emergency room
on Friday night at camp.
He started having a hard time breathing and his eyes were getting puffy.
The nurse thought he was having an allergic reaction (to what)?
Doc checked him out and he was fine, but I wonder what that bill is going to cost.
Cha Ching, can you say ATM (Automatic Tommy Money) to the rescue?
Camp was awesome though for Trevor
that is his leader with the bandana his name
is Ryan, and those are his bunk mates.
Here is Nathan and Andrew
at VBS
This was Monday night snack

For those of you who don't know, I help run the VBS at Westmont Alliance Church, this is Toms church where he grew up. They have wonderful people who love the Lord and want to reach out to the community there but lack some of the funds. Kelly, Julie and I help out so that this church which means so much to all of us go back each year and help out. It really is a blessing to us to have God move mountains (schedules) to see this church fill up with 70 or so kids and have laughter and smiles grace the halls. We had 5 kids accept Christ and it was such a renewal in my heart that God uses all people and all circumstances to help build His Kingdom.

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