Thursday, June 11, 2009

our ATM is very busy

Our ATM is (Automatic Tommy Money) is getting very, very low. I mean this week is a killer, Trevors Teeth, Sally Teeth, Austins Teeth, Dogs to the vet, kids needed their physicals, it just keeps on going.

Things are moving right along now for the adoption. I received my I-600a confirmation letter in the mail today Yeah, and Tom had his finger prints done. I went to have my finger prints redone. Our Letters of Referals are being done and I received the rough draft of our homestudy today.

I'll be getting my bone implant for my implant in my mouth done on Friday, YUCK, YUCK I hate the dentist and everything in the mouth.

Hopefully we will have some nice weather because it sure is yucky out.

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