Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer fun

This year, we have been able to enjoy the lake so much.  We have had wonderful memories with friends and family made and the weather has been warm (hot) so we can enjoy the water.

Ava loves to ride on the wave runners, tube, fish and play with the water in the beach, but she still dosen't much care to swim in it when you take her deep.

Ava getting ready to go tubing with Sara

Ava with Sara, not sure about the swimming in the deep 

Ava found a caterpillar
she wasn't sure what to do with it 
Jim and Pam 
Nicole with her huge catch 

Our annual double family photo 

My Best Friend Kelly 

the gang getting ice cream 

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Kelly said...

Love the Pic of Ava and Sara on the tube! Can you email me that?