Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Avas Fish

While at the lake house Tom taught Ava how to fish.  Tom bought her a princess pole and off they went.  Tom put a worm on the hook, and Ava knew just what to do.  Sure enough, a tiny sunfish swallowed that worm and Ava caught her first fish.  After that, she wanted to do it again and again.  She caught several small fish and had so much fun.  She wanted to hold it and touch them, that is until one of the fish jumped out of her hand and hit her in the face!

Not to be out done, Trevor caught a big carp, eewwww!

And Austin caught a Catfish at a friends pond. 


Tracey and Chuck said...

Yeah Ava!!! Good job! We have to get Matt out fishing with his daddy one of these days soon!!

tammy said...

So glad Ava liked to fish. I love the cute hat too!

We've had many princess and barbie fishing rods at our house. :-)