Friday, June 3, 2011

Trevors 8th Grade Graduation, Andrew Field Day

Trevor is officially a High School Student!  Yikes!

man is this boring, and I have to be quiet?  hmmm when will this be over? 

Today, Andrew had field day at his school.  Ava and I went to watch him.  Ava was a GRUMPY girl, and not happy at all!  The only time she was somewhat excited was when she could run on the track.  She LOVED it, she is a girl after my own heart afterall!  She ran and ran and ran, and didn't get tired, I had to chase her off the track so the kids could do their events.

tug -o- war
Andrews team lost! 
Ava wanted to try
that rope is really long and heavy! 
lots more running 

mad that she can't go out on the track 
relaxing with big bro Andrew 

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Jeanette said...

That was her mad face???? Wow! She is even cute when she is mad!!! Congrats to Trevor!