Friday, December 17, 2010

Back to Iraq

Our Nephew Matthew was home for a short time, he is on his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq right now.  We took him out to dinner and had a really nice time talking and remembering childhood things.  He is now back in Iraq and we won't see him again until probably October 2011.  My boys really love having him around.  Its kinda funny now, 2 of my boys are as tall or taller than he is.  But, they still like to wrestle!

Cooper and Ava loving eachother

Last night, after running the boys to basketball, Ava and I stepped outside and it was snowing.  It was really pretty and I wanted Ava to see it.  We weren't really dressed for playing in it, but Ava had a good time walking around in it.

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Joe said...

How on earth do you get Ava do smile so dang adorably in all of your photos? I love it! Alexander will never smile for pics...drives me crazy. haha
Merry Christmas!