Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer How I Love Thee, Please Don't Go!

Friday night, the offical start of a fabulous 3 day weekend, I spent at a soccer game.  It was a high of 56 and Ava and I watched Andrews team play while we cuddled under some blankets and we ate our kettle corn.  I was dressed for winter, and so was Ava.  Luckily the clothes she wore in St. Petersburg still fit her, because I don't have any winter clothes for her yet this year.  After the soccer game, we drove to the Lake and we unpacked and got settled in our nice warm beds.  Saturday morning came, and it looked a whole bunch like fall, but our friends came and we made the best of it.  It really dosen't seem to bother the kids what the temperature is outside, they just love to be doing things on and in the water.  Saturday night we built a campfire and this was Avas first one!  We made the s'mores and boy oh boy did Ava LOVE those.  The kids found a toad, and Ava liked looking at it, she wasn't sure if she should hold it, but she did touch it with her finger.  Sunday we played and relaxed and when it came to Monday, it started out this cold dismal day, but it turned quickly to beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures.  I sat watching the kids having fun, talking with friends and I didn't want it to end.  I was mourning my loss of summer fun.  See, from here on out, it is all football and soccer, no more weekends at the lake, or relaxing by the fire.  It is go, go, go, and I miss my friends already just thinking about it.

Playing Yahtzee, can you believe that I actually won this game? 
I am not a very good Yahtzee player!

David, frying up the bacon, it was just a little fire!
Ava, eating the bacon and loving it.

David with a nice catch!
It was a little over 3 pounds
I think Trevor holds the record this year
for a 5 pounder Large Mouth Bass

Ava loves tubing

The girls

Last run of the year,
Yup, Andrew tube popped,
he rode it back while it was deflating.
It was really hysterical to watch him in the tube.

Looking cute still


Kelly said...

I miss it already! Great times, wonderful memories with our wonderful friends!

Jeanette said...

I'm sad to see summer go too. Lake pictures are great and looks like so much fun! Ava just keeps getting cuter!