Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Extra Weight

Ugggghhhhhh, you know how most women will take off weight over the summer because they want to have a great "beach body"?  Well this puppy right here, loves to put weight on over the summer and spend the next 5 or 6 months trying to lose it all.  I did much better this year than last, I only gained 10 pounds, while last year I put on a whopping 25!  I know it shames me to think of the roller coaster I am on.  But, I do love to sit in the sun and watch the kids play in the water and SNACK!  I love all the chips, dips, breads, carbs that cross my lips!

All that to say, I did start back to the gym today.  I do like to exercise with a group.  I am not motivated to do anything on my own.  So I dusted off my sneakers, got out my headband, dragged Ava along and success.  I went and "did" Victor!  It did feel really good to go and workout again, since I haven't done anything since April.

Ava did very well in the nursery while there, we will see how she is this afternoon.  She seems to do well in the nursery at church, but then has a melt down after.  I mean, crying, clinging to me and it is soooo not like her.  I figured I would take it slow and see if we can ease her into the transition.

On another note, some friends of ours called our house and asked what size shoe is Ava wearing?  I thought it was odd, but told her and asked her why she wanted to know.  She replied, you'll see.  Well not more than 2 hours later, here she is toting a huge bag full of shoes!  She owns a building and one of the renters was Stride Rite, well I guess they are going out of business so she brought over some leftover shoes that were lying around.  Oh man, Oh man, we have shoes everywhere.  Ava will have shoes until she is 5!

There are 19 shoes right here, and there are still
more that I didn't photograph!

So I guess I will have to go shopping now for outfits for all the cute shoes!


Amy...who wanted 4. said...

Those shoes would have come in handy with all the girls I have coming out my ears! Enjoy! :-)
I have gained 5 ponds this summer. Can't get it off. I have been trying for a wont budge.:-(

Jeanette said...

Grace spent the first 3 months home clinging and crying for me :) Ava will adjust. I only leave Grace for short times so it doesn't feel like eternity to her. Good luck and I want those fuzzy crocks!!!!!