Sunday, May 31, 2009

Parenting class??

Yes, we had to attend a 6 hour parenting class, which actually Tom and I could have taught. It was helpful with some of the information about policy in Russia. Truthfully I knew most of it just by reading info on the Web. Tom and I also found out that we have to do another 4 hours via the internet to finish the required time from the state of Illinois. Oh Joy. We have finished with most of the paperwork. Kelly, I need to have you notarize some more papers! Thank you. When that is done we have to just wait for the Federal Immigration paperwork to clear us and to have our finger prints taken. We will just keep doing more and more paperwork until then.
Not much happening in regards to the kids. Soccer, Soccer, and more Soccer. End of school activities for the boys, trying to find time to go to the lake (not sure if that will happen until July), trying to enjoy Tom on a date.

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