Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Familys Teeth

This pic is great, our ortho is getting a great deal also, Tom, myself, Austin, Trevor and Andrew all need/have braces. Can you say Cha Ching? I went today and boy did he do a number to my teeth. I have had braces on now for 3 years, yep I can't belive it either. I only have about 3 weeks left, ya right. Then, I need to go to a specialist to have a fake tooth put in, only problem is that I don't have enough bone left in the empty space (why I went to ortho in first place), so Doc has to do a bone transplant from my lower jaw. Ouch! I hate all dentist and such. Trevor went to the ortho and the Doc says he has to have 3 baby teeth pulled. He still has 9 baby teeth and Doc wants them out. Our dentist says he can't do it because of how 2 of them are in the bone so now I have to take him to a specialist. Cha Ching! Tooth Fairy where are you? Come and take this boys teeth and leave us money. Tyler seems to be the only one spared from all this yucky ortho stuff. He has really nice teeth THANK YOU GOD.

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