Saturday, January 21, 2012


Tyler and Ava Grace built a snowman

trying on Toms coat
silly girl... 

I was taking some new passport photos for the boys
and Ava Grace wanted her picture also 

Andrew was helping Ava shovel,
or was Ava helping Andrew?
I think Ava Grace is a great worker!


Jen said...

Wow - kind of jealous of your snow. So far, we've had a dusting and a bit of ice. I want a big snow!

Kacey said...


Barb said...

Hope you are enjoying your snow! It's too cold here know for me . .. the kids like it, but I don't . . . I've just been catching up on your posts - so many great pictures (really love the one of Ava Grace with the starfish!). Looks like you had a great time on the cruise - how awesome to get a great deal! (btw, in case you were wondering . . . it was me who sent a friend request on FB - I saw you post on the Russian page we both belong to:)