Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ava Grace is 3

Ava Grace, what a girl

Ava Grace is 3 years old

Ava Grace has had a birthday in Russia (IF they even celbrated her)

Ava Grace had a 2nd birthday in USA

Ava Grace had a 3rd birthday in Jamica....

hmmmm I see a patern, maybe every year she gets to celebrate in a different country.  Great idea:)

We got to celebrate Ava Grace with her Meema, she wanted brownies instead of we made them..Ava got to lick the extras..

showing 3 fingers

excited to see the candels 


Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday, Ava!!!! Such a pretty little girl!!! I think you should celebrate next year in Tahiti ;)

Corinne said...

Our little russians have had the same trend in their lives. Wonder where they will be next year? Ava is such a beautiful little girl.

Tracey and Chuck said...

Happy Birthday Ava! She gets pretty every time I see pics of her!!!!

Kacey said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet Ava!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday Ava! You sure have a special place in our hearts! Love you!

Amy...who wanted 4. said...

Happy Birthday to the precious Ava Grace!!!