Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun n' the Sun

 How I love thee o big beautiful Sun.  I forgot what you looked like, so I traveled to Phoenix AZ to see you again.  I so loved basking in your warmth and walking in slow motion.  Thank you Thank you Thank you for being in Arizonia when i was there.

Well really Ava Grace and I traveled to Arizonia to see my parents.  It has been since last May that my folks have seen Ava Grace.  We had a wonderful time just hanging out, going to the beautiful Phoenix Zoo and to the Mall to see my parents friends.  It was a short trip, but so worth it.

This is a statue they have in the childrens area at the zoo

petting the goats,
she kept saying
"hi" in her best high pitched voice she could do!

this is Dooper, he is helping with a childrens show at the mall
my parents were brought up on stage with Ava Grace
and they sang songs, Ava loved to shake Doopers hand

Papa and Ava Grace 

Photo shoot before leaving
that is my new doggie sister Katie 


tammy said...

I am loving Ava's zebra outfit!!

Debbie said...

Sally,its ages since I've checked in with you...goodness how Ava has grown! We are hoping to arrange a trip from Scotland to Arizona in the next year or so.....I can't looks amazing. D