Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Andrew has followed in his brothers footsteps and started band this year at school.  Oh my aching ears.... what was I thinking?  We went to his first concert the other night, and Andrew did a nice job.  He plays the drums and percussion instruments.  They start band in 5th grade...there was a lot of kids on the wrong note, or holding it to long, but hey I am instrument intollerant so who am I to talk!

Heres to you Andrew, congratulations for learning something new!

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Jeanette said...

I so know what you mean!!! Our kids start with a string instrument in 3rd grade and band instruments in 4th. Nate has played the viola and baritone (mini tuba). He practices in our finished basement so I don't have to "enjoy" it all the time. Now Aidan will be starting next year... joy!!! However, I love that they learn how to read music since I can't.