Friday, February 25, 2011

Am I Having Fun......

OK, so I get a lot of this question,

Am I having fun dressing Ava Grace, ummmmmm, no brainer!

I always say, well after 4 boys, wouldn't you too?

When I was a little girl, I remember not wanting to dress up, I was very much the Tom boy.  I loved to run, ride bikes, skateboards, roller skate the neighborhood and play baseball in the streets.  I remember beating all the boys at running and realized that I liked sports and I liked to keep active.

Now, Ava Grace, on the other hand....dosen't seem to very sports minded.  As much as Trevor and Andrew play soccer with her, or throw the ball to her, she well ummmmm just dosen't have it in her!  So I guess this Tom Boy mama, is having a Pretty Pretty Princess and all things girl.  I tell ya, she can shop like crazy and love it, she loves to hold her purse on her arm and fill the shopping cart. 

Well we went ahead and cut off Ava Graces long string of hair in the back...I don't know if that really helped, but it does look more even now.

Ava Grace has started to really, really love books.  She never minded me reading to her, but now, she walks around all day with multiple books in her hands or sets them down around us.  I found her doing this with Cooper, and Cooper was almost asleep from her story.

Trevor had his last official basketball game for his school.  Trevor tries not to get upset with losing, but he is so into sports, it just kills him.  He did however get chosen to play in the All Star Game, so that will be good for him to play with like minded kids.

Three of the boys had off of school today for Teacher Institute day, so they asked if we could go to Chuck E Cheese.  I agreed, and I'm not sure if Ava Grace was ready for it.  She loved walking around with Trevor and Andrew, but she had mini melt downs when they wouldn't follow her.  I ended up keeping her with me at the table and she had fun counting the coins, who knew?

So to answer the question, YES, I am having fun.  Loving having a girl, loving doing girl things, and love watching my boys love their sister!


Jeanette said...

If Grace ever carries a purse, I'm pretty sure she will be using it to hit someone with it :)

Although, I did try a dress on her the other day and asked her to show mama. He TWIRLED around!!!! There is a girl in there somewhere :)

Again, sooooooo jealous that Ava will take a picture for you!!! If I put Grace on the counter to cut her hair, she would either freak or stand and jump off!

Ava is too pretty! What a great smile!!!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Ava is simply gorgeous and I too cannot believe how photogenic she is!! The pictures are amazing!!! I can never get any good pictures of Matt! Your boys are very handsome as well and of course love the picture with Cooper the dog! Glad to hear Ava is starting to love books! Our Matthew constantly has books and most of the time he likes to read them himself except for the few that I tell him are "special" books and only mommy can touch and read them!! :)

Amy...who wanted 4. said...

Love the girlie girls!!
What a doll in her princess dress!

Jeanette said...

Just realized I called my daughter a "he" in my last comment. Nice!

Barb said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my post! It looks like Writer might be the problem since comments are appearing now. Thanks for the help:)

It's so fun to meet another St. Petersburg family!!