Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sooo Tired

Well I packed up Tyler, Ava, Trevor and Andrew (Austin is at Camp Timber-lee) and headed out Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. for a 12 hour drive to New York.  Yikes I'm tired.  Ava did really great in the car AFTER the first 2 hours of whining and crying (yelling).  She fell asleep and slept for the remainder of the trip.  That was really nice.  I have to say that traveling at night has its advantages.  Andrew never fell asleep so he was completely a wreck.  Trevor took over the whole back seat and slept no problem.  Tyler and I alternated driving, I still couldn't sleep when it was my turn to, so I'm paying for it now.  After this I'm going directly to bed.

Our first stop was Cornell University:  I thought it was o.k., Tyler couldn't find anything wrong with it.  The campus is pretty with it being up on a hill, but I would hate to navigate those slopes in the winter.

Our Princess in the beautiful flowers at Cornell

Trevor killing time while waiting for the tour.

Now we drove 1 hour and we are staying in
Syracuse, New York
I never would of thought that we had some
really beautiful buildings here
just like in Russia
This is the view from our hotel
we will go to the Open House tomorrow
and then I am taking the kids to see
Niagra Falls!

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Jeanette said...

You are one brave woman!!! I'm dreading our 2 hour drive we have ahead of us soon. Grace is fine for 20 minutes, then all hell breaks loose. Get some sleep :)