Tuesday, July 27, 2010

College Search

Well Tyler, Ava and I have gone to some really great colleges in 2 days.

We saw:

University of Chicago
Very nice school.  My favorite.
Tyler thinks it will be tough for him to be accepted
He is smart, but not over the top smart he says.

Next we saw:
very nice, Lake Michigan is right there
you walk along the lake to attend classes
they even have a building which is
all glass on one side to watch the lake

Then we saw:
It is neat also
It is right in the heart of Chicago

After those we saw:
Northwestern University

Phew, anybody else tired?  Ava did great, it is a long process but I feel like we learned a whole bunch.  How does anybody pick a college?  We couldn't find a negative in any of the colleges.  They were all 4 Chicago Universities, but they all "felt" completely different.

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