Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Wow, where do the weeks go?  Since it has been over a week since I posted let me get you updated:

Tuesday - Austin and I attended an information meeting at his school about a Flight Club.  Austin is definately going to do this.  This club will help him get his flying lessons and license.  Go Austin.

Wednesday - Sally had her mouth surgery (again) for bone implant.  Hopefully this time it won't get infected.  Tom and Tyler leave for hunting.

Thursday - Tom calls to tell me Tyler shot a big deer.  Trevor got braces.  So if your counting Trevor is #5 in our family to have braces.  I think our Ortho loves us.

Friday - Trevor tells me that 3 brackets already came off.

Saturday - Kelly and I went out to lunch to the Claim Jumpers Restaurant.  This is one of my favorite places to eat.  I love how we can sit by the fire and just indulge in awesome food and conversation.  After lunch, we were blessed to be able to attend Candelight Carols at Moody Bible Institute.  If anyone is around in Chicago, in the first full weekend of December, you should definately go to see this production.  This is our annual tradition to go.  It was beautiful, and magnificent.  The voices and orchestra were just heavenly.  It sure gets you in the CHRISTmas spirit.

Well that is pretty much it.

Now it is time to get ready for the annual deer hunting Christmas party we have here every year.

Here is Trevor playing basketball
He gets a lot of penalties
he also, misses A LOT of free throws.
He needs to practice these.
Here he is 2 for 12 - OUCH

Tyler with his big deer! Way to go!

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