Thursday, December 17, 2009

Putting up the Christmas Tree

I have to admit that I was very spoiled this year with helpers.  My boys basically put the tree up all by themselves.  They needed some direction, but overall they did great by themselves.  You can tell when looking at the tree that the boys put the ornaments on.  They have it kinda broken down into sections, since Tyler is taller it seems like he took the top part, Austin took one side, Trevor the other side and Andrew loves to hang all of his at the bottom.  My ornaments are kinda all over the place, but I'm mixed in with everyone.  Kinda like life, they are all seperated with their "activities" but all come together with me (and Tom).  I love to hang all the stockings over the Kitchen fireplace.  In our house we were blessed with 4 fireplaces.  I love them all, we recently just added the one in the family room.  This is the one that gets used the most tho.  The stocking were hand made by Toms sister Donna.  She is very talented and now I need her to make one for our daughter.  Tom HATES, did I just say the H word?  Yes I did, he CAN NOT stand putting up Christmas Lights outside, but he does do it for me.  I love to see the lights shine and I am so thankful that my husband will do a chore even tho he does not like it.  Thank you Baby. 

We have been to the mall to watch Andrew and his choir sing there.  We have been to the school for his Winter performance,  Friday, I will be the room mom in charge of the Christmas Party at school.  Although we can't say Christmas at the public school, we have a Winter Holiday.  Give me a break, it's  Christmas for petes sake.

Trevor is now officially done with Basketball, this year was really hard.  The team didn't do very well.  Trevor has a lot to learn when it comes to Basketball.

Tyler has one more day left of Final Exams at the High School.  He is putting in an application for a job, so I hope he gets it.  He needs money to buy gas, pay a few bills, and pay for his speeding ticket he got.

Austin is now officially on Christmas Vacation, he had his last final today.  Don't know the grades yet, but he thinks he did well.

Andrew is busy with soccer and basketball.  He needs to keep active, otherwise all he wants to do is play Wii.

Tom is out hunting again.  Today he is hunting Deer, tomorrow Pheasant.  Hope you get something baby, the boys are hungry.

I went downtown today for some paperwork to be apistilled.  Boy was it crowded.  It is on State Street, which if you don't live in Chicago you may not know that State Street is where all the shops are.  Macys had there window display and a ton of school children were there.  It must have been a field trip, it was very crowded.  I got the paperwork completed and now it is off to our Adoption Agency.  I think I am done now until after we go on our first trip.  There is more paperwork that needs to be completed within 90 days of court.  Now we just keep waiting for a phone call to let us know when we can travel.  I think I mentioned earlier that it will probably be the end of January for us.