Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This weeks update

Well since "The Call" came, I have been doing more paperwork.   There is paperwork that needs to be completed now that we have accepted our referral, and then paperwork that needs to be completed right before we travel.  I talked with our agency today and it sounds like we will not be traveling until late January.  In Russia, their Russian Christmas is the first week of January and the whole government shuts down.  We will wait for them to tell us exactly what dates to travel.  We have to travel when they tell us or its a no go.  To tell you the truth, January is a perfect time for us to travel.  Tom is slower at work, hunting is done and he has more flexibility.  I know it is colder at this time, not like Mexico in February like last year, but exciting all the same.  The region we will be going to is St. Petersburg.  It looks like a beautiful city with lots of architechture and museums for Tom to look at. 

What we are doing here at home: 

Tyler, busy, busy, busy with getting the final preperations for the fall play.  He is the manager of the play so he is putting in some late nights.  Pray for him to keep up his school work and to have enough energy thru out the day.

Austin is done with most of his activities, he is doing Adventure Platoon at school, it seems like it is fun.

Trevor finished up football, soccer season has 1 big tourny in Germantown, TN this weekend that we will go to.  This is the first week of indoor soccer also which goes until the end of December.  Basketball has started at school and he does fairly well there.  He seems to play a lot of football on the basketball court which means he receives plenty of fouls/penalties.

Andrew is done with football and soccer.  Indoor soccer for him does not start until the end of December so a little break for him.  Basketball is coming up soon and goes for about 6 weeks.

Tom is off hunting again.  Don't know when he will be back.  Hopefully he will see/get his big deer he dreams of.

Sally, I'm still the taxi driver.  Loving it all.


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