Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Festivities

Here are a few cute pictures of Andrew at his school
They had to do the "Great Pumpkin Race"
Andrew and his team won the race, Great Job kids.

Andrews team reading the next clue

I forgot to mention to you that Andrew now has BRACES.
He got them on Thursday
Boy, did his mouth hurt
No candy for him

Andrew carved his own pumpkin.  He did it all by himself.
I think it looks awesome.

Our halloween morning started with a playoff game for Trevor
His team lost, but he did a good job.
Considering his team only has 15 kids and the opposing team
has over 30, our kids did fine.
Trevor got a lot of experience playing, he played every single down
on offense and defense, he was also the kicker, and punter.
That is him #44, with the dirty yellow arms,
playing middle linebacker.

Every year we have a party at David and Kellys house for halloween
The kids are starting to get older now, so they want to go and do their own things,
here are the remaining kids.

All in all it was a great day, NO RAIN, not to cold and the kids had a blast.

Oh and I forgot to mention,
the best part about this Halloween,
Lauren and Ryan got engaged
He proposed in a very romantic way, aawww.
They came by the party to show off her ring (its gorgeous).

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