Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wow, Where have I been

Here is our life in pictures since October
Crazy its been a long time, so much has happened
so much is changing.
We got a new puppy
His name is Dexter
German Shorthair Pointer
(mini Cooper)
Ava was a bumble bee for Halloween
this was her dance costume, we recycle!
our first attempt at a Christmas card 
all 3 doggies
Ava played Mary at her school play
she was very excited and took the role very seriously 

We went to see Bass Pro Santa again
Love this place, awesome Santa 
Daddy teaching Ava the bow and arrow 

I had pictures taken of Ava Grace
presents for her Meema
Ava Grace turned 5

2nd round of Christmas pictures 

Christmas Day 

Playing with Olivia Sloane and Finn
the kids table,
they took over the dining room 
Ava finished another round of gymnastics
she decided to take a break for this session 
Ava Grace birthday
I can't believe my girl is 5 
Valentines Day
I was finally able to get her hair is a pony tail 
We were able to cheer on Sara for her
Athenas competition and performances
so proud of Sara and her hard work

Our friend Ellie was also on the Varsity Athenas
we were so happy to watch girls compete!

Trevor and Ava being silly bunnies 
I was the coach for our AWANA club this year
I am proud to say that we placed first.
All the girls did a great job 
on accident, all 3 of us wore Blackhawks shirts
had to get a pic! 

Andrew (#43)
playing Arena Football
knocking the kid down and scored a touchdown!

Well you are up to date now
Life has been crazy
hopefully I won't stay away so long this time.


Carol A said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures of Ava. Did you attend Mom's weekend at WIU?
Carol Anderson
Bushnell, IL

Jeanette said...

Glad you posted! I'm done with my blog. I actually had it printed out just in case blogger blows up :)

Love your puppy! My parents had a german shorthair pointer too. Nicest dogs!

Glad your family is doing well!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ava should be the russian adoption poster girl, she is so stunning! Beautiful family and cute new dog! Glad you're all doing well.