Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Summer weekend at the lake

I posted this picture on fb, we had just pulled in to the lake house, and the kids wanted to go swimming. 
 I thought a lot about Austin.  He loved the lake and we have so many memories of him there. 

 Trevor with his friend Emily,
first attempt at double knee boarding from the shore
2nd attempt



Sara knee boarding

Ava enjoying a ride on the boat

Andrew knee boarding

Nathan wake skating

Lexy swimming and looking for the rocks that Ava Grace is throwing....
I have to tell you, this dog is awesome, she literally had her head under the water like that for a good
15 pictures, she never came up for air.
She did however find the rock that Ava threw for her.

Jacob slalmon skiing

I think Sara cought this fish

Andrew wake boarding

Andrew taking Ava and Lexy out for a boat ride

Sara caught this Catfish off the edge of the dock

on the other hand, Ava caught this fishy
Trevor was trying to get Ava to pucker up to kiss the fish

look at Avas lips, not sure if she should pucker up for a kiss or not


Jeanette said...

It looks so beautiful there!!! I LOVE those types of vacations! Ava looks so funny trying to decide whether to kiss or not to kiss :)

Tracey and Chuck said...

Can't believe how big Ava is getting! Looks like you all enjoyed the weekend!