Thursday, April 12, 2012

This last week

Coloring Eggs with Tyler
Trevor and Andrew 

Tyler and Tom being silly on our family picture
Austin still NOT smiling 

Easter Basket 

her 2nd Easter Dress 

Getting some lovin 

My favorite holiday is Easter....I love the thought that spring is almost here, warmer weather will be upon us and I feel like there is less stress around Easter than Christmas.

Now that the kids are older they tend to not want to do to much "kiddie" things, but having Ava now they are excited to participate with her and see the holidays thru her eyes again.  It is so fun!

Guys playing bags

Ava playing with the dogs 

Cousin Lindsey 

Andrew being silly looking for eggs 

Ava finding her eggs 

showing off all of her eggs

We had beautiful weather
We had beautiful food
We had beautiful fellowship
We had a beautiful time rejoicing that
Jesus rose from the dead


Jeanette said...

Love the chickie dress!!!

Team Bedzyk said...

Beautiful pics, beautiful family! Happy Easter!

Jen said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a great Easter :).