Friday, February 24, 2012

At the Farm

This last weekend Tom and the boys wanted to go to the farm to hunt for antlers.  Ava heard that they were going and wanted to go also.  Hmmm, if she goes then I have to go, hmmmm not sure if I really want to do that.  Well, I picked up a book and went with.  We only stayed one night, but truthfully that was enough for me.  Did I forget to mention, that there is NO running water at the farm?

We also went out to dinner with Tyler, it was great to see him.  Trevor got a tour of the dorms and Tyler showed off Ava to his friends.  I have to say, I miss my oldest!


Jeanette said...

I wouldn't have lasted long there either :) You look cozy though in bed!

Barb said...

Tell me about the farm! Is it your cabin? Glad you got a chance to spend some time with your oldest son:)

tammy said...

I see an antler was found!