Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Activities

I wanted to post a picture of Austin in his Class A uniform for Marmion.
He is required to wear this at school on certain days.
I think he looks Great!This is Tom and I after Andrews friends had all of their s'mores
Tom went right to bed after this picture, he was tired
I on the other hand had 10 wild and crazy boys.
This is them after playing football, they still
had a bunch of energy
Andrew at school for his chorus concert. This is
our first time with anyone in concert.
I think he had a good time.

Tom and Andrew at half time.
Tom is the Offensive coach, Andrew plays
Andrew in the pack getting instructions.

Trevor with his defensive team, he is doing a great job.
In 4 games he has a bunch of sacs, hurried plays, interceptions
unfortunately his team is not doing very well.
I keep encouraging Trevor to just keep working on yourself
and do what you can to make yourself better.

This is Trevor kicking the ball off.
He is a great kicker, I think the soccer helps

Trevor at a tourny, their team lost in the semi-finals.
He did awesome, and no Yellow Cards

I spoke with our Adoption Agency and they are waiting on one more piece of information from our Home Study Coordinator, but things are progressing well. I really feel God at work in our lives and only He knows the perfect timing for all that happens.

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