Friday, August 14, 2009

Taxi service anyone?

We are back from the lake and things are busy as usual. Austin is trying out for the school soccer team at Marmion, Trevor and Andrew have their travel soccer, and Trevor and Andrew also are doing football. Trevor is with a new team this year it is a travel league in Naperville called the Chargers. Trevor has an awesome Coach, he played college football and his son is awesome. Trevor really has bonded with the coach and his son and challenges Trevor to be a better football player. Trevor received a playbook to study I kid you not this things is 300 pages of plays and it is from the U of Florida, man he has a lot of studying to do. Andrew has decided to go to St. Raphael football again this year, he will have Tom and Trevors former coach, Pat Oliver. He will be with new kids so I think he will have fun learning new things.

So as you can tell by this schedule that I am an official Taxi service. Drive kids here, drive kids there. If you want to get a hold of me in the evenings call my cell because more than likely I am out a field somewhere.

Tyler is finally done with Summer School. He wanted to take an extra class in Math so he would be ahead. He did well. I tell him he is a professional student because he loves school so much.

All of our paperwork is done now and now we wait. Wait to hear from our agency for a referral. In the mean time we just keep busy doing sports.

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