Monday, July 6, 2009


Well the week has been wonderful. We had Toms family down for the 4th of July and the weather was not great. We did however enjoy tons of games. Settlers of Caton, Risk, more Risk, yet more Risk, and LCR. It is great when all of the cousins can play the games and it gets all the ages involved.

Sunday was a beautiful day and were able to play on the lake. The kids favorite is still the "Extreme Tubing" that we do.

Austin is taking his airplane flying lessons today so I have to go now and pick him up from the airport. Enjoy the summer.


doug.busch said...

Thanks for a great weekend to spend with you guys and the boys. They are growing up so quickly. The princess is going to have a great security detail with 4 older brothers!!

doug.busch said...

We are praying for all of the activities and details that you are going through to get ready for this adoption. God's plan will unfold perfectly for your family!!!